Pines Pond


Pines Pond is situated within Quantock Hills near Broomfield, TA5 1AX.


Pines caters for the pleasure anglers offering a good head of carp to 20 lbs, bream to 6 lbs, tench to 4 lbs with a good offering of roach and rudd. Pines varies in depth from 4′ to 12′. Anglers can gain access to the island for fishing via the bridge situated at the rear of the pond.

In the summer months surface fishing for the carp is very productive using a variety of floating baits. During the winter months you will need to target the deeper waters using a variety of single hook baits fished hard on the bottom or popped up.

The bream can be targeted from the dam wall 8 to 10 metres out using the pole or waggler with a fishmeal or micro pellet feed / ground bait fished with chopped worm, corn or maggots over the top.

There is also a good stock of silvers to be caught ensuring you’ll be able to bag a good weight.

Parking & access

Pines Pond offers ample parking within 100 yards of the pond. Please do ensure all gates are kept closed.


  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Common Carp
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench