(1) Association Membership permits can only be issued to bona-fide holders of EA Rod Licence. All anglers regardless of age must hold the correct TAA licence.

(2) The subscription for the 2020/2021 season will be as follows:-

  • Senior Season Permit £55.00 (3 rods £65.00)
  • Junior Season Permit £5.00 (ages 12 – 16 EA Rod Licence is required )
  • Senior Weekly Permit £20.00
  • Senior Daily Permit £7.00
  • Senior Citizen/Disabled Permit (see bye-law 4 and 13) £45.00
  • Wych Lodge (members) £4.00 – Wych Lodge (non-members) £7.00. Wych lodge tickets available from Taunton Angling Centre.

(3) All fishing must be by fair rod and line.

(4) Subsidised Club permits costing £45.00 each are available to senior citizens and to persons registered as disabled, Proof of age/disability may be required (over 65).

(5) In consideration of regular attendance at Executive Committee meetings during the previous season an Executive Committee member shall be entitled to a free season permit except that in the event of missing 3 consecutive meetings in which case all Executive Committee member rights and privileges will be forfeited.

(6) A full senior member can use three rods on the River Tone and West Sedgemoor Drain, provided a three rod permit is purchased (additional cost £10) and only one swim is used at any one time, (one swim being ten metres either side of the angler). Rods shall be placed such that the distance between the butt ends of the rods does not exceed three metres (as per EA Byelaws), the member must be in possession of an EA 3 rod licence.

(7) Anglers must be off the venue one hour after sunset and are not allowed back on the venue until one hour before sunrise. Under no circumstances is any angler (other than Maunsel & West Sedgemoor Drain night permit holders) allowed on any venue between these times.

(8) Night fishing is only permitted at Maunsel Pond and designated sections of West Sedgemoor Drain (refer to venue map). Anglers must be in possession of a night license (application form and prices are on the TAA website The TAA reserves the right to refuse any application. Night fishing is only allowed for a maximum of 48hrs in any one session. Night fishing is not allowed 24hrs prior to a TAA match/event. Anglers contravening this rules will immediately forfeit their night fishing permit and no refund will be given.

(9) The River Tone and West Sedgemoor Drain are closed for ANY type of fishing from March 15th to June 15th inclusive.

(10) All fish must be returned alive to the water. Any fish deaths must be reported. No fish to be taken away without the express permission of the owner. To do so may give rise to a criminal prosecution under Schedule 1, Section 2 of the Theft Act.

(11) Any member wilfully disturbing wild-life or game will be expelled at once.

(12) Members must take care when entering a field set up for mowing. Any member reported wilfully damaging grass hedges or banks is liable to be expelled from the club. Digging of any banks is strictly prohibited.

(13) No vehicle may be parked on land adjoining club waters without prior permission of the landowner.

(14) Any person intending to fish a swim MUST clear all litter in the immediate area BEFORE FISHING. Any person found fishing in a spot containing litter shall be deemed to be responsible for same and will be liable to forfeit his/her membership of the association pending a hearing by the Executive Committee.

(15) 28 days notice in writing to the Club Secretary must be given prior to the AGM, to effect any amendment to the bye-laws.

(16) All Executive Committee Members are Official Club Bailiffs.

(17) All matches will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Sweepstake matches being allowed at the sole discretion of the Match Secretary.

(18) No member may carry an offensive weapon onto the fishing grounds nor may they use any article in a threatening manner. No member shall behave in an aggressive manner towards any person who is legitimately on the fishing grounds.

(19) Members are responsible for the behaviour of any non-member accompanying them on the fishing grounds.

(20) Unless prior consent has been gained by the Executive Committee, no member shall fish club waters, or be in the company of others fishing club waters, whilst carrying or in the possession of tanks, aerators or similar means with which to transport fish. For the avoidance of doubt, in “possession of” for the purpose of this rule is defined to include equipment stored in vehicles which have been used to travel to the water, or parked adjacent to it.

(21) The loss of a membership ticket is the responsibility of the member. No replacement will be issued by anyone, other than the treasurer – such issue to be solely at his discretion.

(22) No alcohol is to be consumed on club waters.

(23) Strictly no dogs allowed whilst fishing any TAA waters.

(24) Fishing permitted only from the bank, not from boats, kayaks etc.

(25) No fishing within 30M(100ft) of overhead power lines.


(26) Pre-baiting is only permitted if ALL anglers at the venue have been first asked and agree.

(27) Nut baits are not to be used for pre-baiting and must be used sensibly whilst fishing.

(28) The minimum size of keep-net for fishing in club waters shall be 2 metres long by 1.2 metres circumference. Mesh must be knotless with internal circumference of 25mm or less. Keepnets must be made of fish-friendly mesh.

(29) No Salmonids/Trout to be retained in a keep-net. No carp to be retained in a keep-net or carp sack except under match rules.

(30) All anglers must be in possession of a suitably sized landing-net. All fish must be treated with care whilst on the bank. No fish to be placed on the bank. Un-hooking mat or landing-net must be used during the un-hooking process.

(31) When pike fishing anglers must use a wire trace (minimum of 10 inches long) at all times. Line strengths (mono / fluro) must be between 12 lb and 18 lb mainline, braid up to 25lb. Members must use a fit-for-purpose unhooking tool such as a large pair of forceps. No pike to be retained in keepnets. Under no circumstances must boga grips or gaff be used (these are banned on all club waters) No deadbaits to be used for pike fishing before September or after March 15th. The use of livebaits is strictly forbidden.

(32) No fixed lead weights permitted whilst carp fishing.

(33) No angler is to leave his rods unattended with a baited hook in the water (maximum 25 yards from rods).

(34) Anglers must use barbless, whisker or micro-barb hooks on still waters (ponds and Lakes) controlled by the club. These waters are Wych Lodge Lake, Maunsel Ponds, and Pines Pond. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use fully-barbed hooks on these waters. The association reserve the right to check your tackle at any time. Any angler using fully-barbed hooks will be asked to leave the venue and a written warning will be issued. If caught on a subsequent occasion, the angler will be banned from the club for a period of one year.

(35) No bait boats to be used on any venues.

(36) No automatic rod holders to be used on any venues.

(37) Specific to Maunsel Lake 2.

(a)        No Junior member/day angler is allowed to fish Maunsel Lake 2 unless accompanied by a Senior member/day angler aged 18 or over who is also fishing, and at a ratio of 1 to 1’

(b)       All anglers fishing Maunsel Lake 2 for carp must be in possession of a 42inch landing net.

(c)        All anglers fishing Maunsel Lake 2 are to remain behind their rods at all times whilst baited and in the water.

(d)       All anglers fishing Maunsel lake 2 for carp are to be in possession of antiseptic carp care treatment which is to be used following a capture on hook holds, sores, lifted scales etc.

(e)        All anglers fishing Manusel lake 2 for carp are to be in possession of unhooking mat with a minimum size of 1.0m x 0.5m and thickness of 40mm protection on the base.

(f)        All anglers fishing Maunsel Lake 2 for carp are to be in possession of a retaining sling in order to safely weigh and return fish back to the water.

(g)        Any angler found to be breaking the above rules will lose their ticket and membership.