TAA Matches

Here’s what you need to know about how Taunton Angling Association Match are run.

Firstly, anyone can enter the Taunton Angling Association match providing they have some sort of membership i.e. day ticket or season ticket.

We would normally have at least two matches a month.

Our match would be predominantly on a natural venue such as our fantastic river, tone, West Sedgemoor Drain or Canal. This would be a mixture of venues from running water or still waters.

This would also dictate the maximum number of anglers able to book into a match so it’s a first come first served basis for our bookings.In the event, there is a chance a match could get called off.  Every effort would be made to find and alternative venue. This means the match secretary withholds the right to change the venue.

DATE (2023-24)VENUECLUBMATCHPresidents CUP (8)
May 19th.Canal CRT Pairs.CRT.Outside Booking.
May 26th.
June 2nd.Canal at Bathpool.TAA Seniors.Club Match.6.
June 8th.Venue to be ConfirmedTAA Juniors.South West Champs.
June 23rd.Stathe Drain.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.1.
June 30th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.2.
July 7th.Stathe Drain.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
July 14th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
July 21st.Stathe Drain.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.3.
July 28th.CanalTAA Seniors.Club Match.
August 4th.River ToneTAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.4.
August 18th.Stathe Drain.Queen VictoriansOutside Booking.
August 25th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
September 1st.Stathe Drain.Stoke-sub-Hamdon.Outside booking.
September 8th.Wych Lodge.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
September 22nd.Stathe Drain.Queen victorians.Outside booking.
September 28thStathe Drain Somerset youth angling clubOutside booking.
September 29th. Chard res.TAA v Chard AA Club Match.
October 6th.Wych Lodge.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
October 13th.Canal.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.5.
October 20th.Canal.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.6.
October 27th.Stathe Drain.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.7.
November 3rd.
November 10th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Presidents Cup.8.
November 17th.
November 24th.
December 1st.
December 8th.Canal - Venue to be ConfirmedTAA Seniors.Christmas Match.
December 15th.
December 22nd.River Tone.TAA Seniors.
December 29th.
January 5th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.
January 12th.
January 19th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.
February 2nd.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
February 9th.
February 16th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
February 23rd.
March 2nd.River Tone.Taunton AA v Chard AAClub Match.
March 9th.River Tone.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
March 16th.
March 23rd.Wych Lodge.TAA Seniors.Club Match.
March 30th.
April 6th.Canal TBCTAA Seniors.Canal League.1.
April 13th.Canal TBCTAA Seniors.Canal League.2.
April 20th.
April 27th.
May 4th.Canal TBC.TAA Seniors.Canal League.3
May 11th.Canal TBC.TAA Seniors.Canal League.4.
May 18th.
May 25th.
June 1st.Canal TBC.TAA Seniors.Canal League.5.
June 8th.Canal TBC.TAA Seniors.Canal League.6.
June 15th.