River Tone

Fishing along the Tone

As this is a River the close season in from the 15th March to the 15th June inclusive.



The first part of the River Tone leased by the Club starts at Firepool Lock, this stretch is known as the “Fast Stretch” This is a good stretch in the winter for chub, dace, roach, trout and the odd salmon and pike.

For the pike normal methods of spinning/lure fishing in the slacker water around the weirs can tempt them to bite. Pike prefer deep, calm, or slow-moving water where the weeds are fairly dense. They usually hide in these weeds, away from the main current.

With the coarse fish, using a stick float with maggots or bread is the best approach, try fishing above a weir trotting the float down the river and holding the float back 10 foot above the water. However sometimes they may prefer to sit below a weir a feed, its up to you to find out on the day how best to approach this.

Another good method on the Fast Stretch is to travel light with just a feeder rod, bait, landing net, and pre-bait any areas you think may be hold chub, just walk down or up along the river and chuck in some mashed bread. Then go back to where you started and fish some bread flake with a simple ledger rig over the area you baited. If you don’t get anything in 20 minutes move on to the next area you baited.


The next area is known as bull street and runs from the bridge over the Tone in Creech St Michael down to the weir at Ham. This again is quite weedy during the summer and is best fished in the winter months when the weed has died down. Carp, Tench and Bream can be found along here along with the other coarse fish. The water is slower moving here and waggler fishing can be productive. Best baits are the humble maggot, hemp, pellets etc.



Moving below the weir we have slower moving water meandering through the Somerset levels to Newbridge located on the straight road from the A361 to North Curry. The water is deeper and slower moving along this section with the weed not being so much of a problem as further up the river. This water can be fished in the summer as well as the winter months. Again most coarse fish can be caught along here. (left)135Lb of bream has been caught along this section using a method feeder and pellet. Also pole fishing can be productive along here fishing in the deep water in the middle. Nothing beats finding the best location so spending a 1hr walking along the bank looking for the “fishy” areas can save you blanking.

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