TAA are pleased to announce that, following consultation with EA Officials, the club has secured a further stretch of the River Tone at Athelney.
This specific stretch of water starts from the Athelney Bridge on Cuts Road, upstream past Curry Moor Pumping Station to the railway bridge, providing approx. 300m of additional water for our members to fish.
This particular stretch of water provides some fantastic Autumn and Winter roach and dace fishing, with chub in excess of 5lb and the opportunity for winter pike fishing.
Please can all our members fishing at Athelney take note and abide by the following conditions along with all other current TAA bye-laws:
No parking anywhere within EA site limits. The carpark next to Athelney Bridge is to be used by all TAA members.
No Litter to be left on site.
No fishing between the signs situated on the bank either side of the Pumping Station.
Fishing equipment must not interfere with the everyday operations on the EA site.
For safety reasons, all junior members must be accompanied by a senior member.
No digging of the banks as per Section 12 of the bye-laws.
All members are to be mindful of their own safety and observe the gradient of the banks.
A location map can be found on the TAA website under the Downloads Section.
Wishing all our members success on TAA’s latest venue.
Tight lines.
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