Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

Taunton Angling Association update 31st May 2020

Following extensive review and discussions between the TAA committee, landowners and The Angling Trust, TAA are pleased to announce that the following venues will be opened from Monday 1st June 2020.

Pines Lake

Wych Lodge

Maunsel Lakes 1 & 2

For your safety, safety of other anglers and the safety of landowners and their staff, we have had to change the way we operate and implement the following rules in order to conform with both the Government and Angling Trusts Guidance. All anglers MUST adhere to these rules or risk losing their ticket.

1. Do not travel to any club waters if you or anyone in your household has COVID 19 symptoms or are self-isolating.
2. All members fishing club waters MUST us gloves when opening and closing gates to access the venues.
3. All members fishing club waters MUST in possession of antibacterial hand sanitiser.
4. Do NOT discard gloves on any club water, gloves MUST be taken home and disposed of safely.
5. Please park considerately and ensure that a minimum distance of 2m is maintain between vehicles.
6. All anglers MUST maintain a minimum distance of 2m between themselves and other anglers whilst fishing and moving around the venues.
7. Fishing tackle MUST not be shared between anglers.
8. Fishing and access to club waters is ONLY allowed for club members. Family or guests are NOT permitted on the venues.
9. Angling Trust Guidance can be found at


The following additional rules will also be implemented when fishing Maunsel Ponds:

1. The maximum number of anglers allowed to fish the lakes at any one time is as follows:

Lake 1 – 7 anglers

Lake 2 – 5 anglers

2. Designated swims have been marked on each of the waters and anglers MUST fish within these specific areas ONLY.
3. Should you arrive at the venue and all swims are occupied then they MUST leave the venue and return home.
4. All anglers fishing Lake 1 (max 7) MUST use the gravel carpark and park alongside the metal frame
5. All anglers fishing Lake 2 (max 5) MUST use the bottom carpark along the canal bank
6. All anglers MUST display a notice in their vehicle windscreen noting ‘Fishing’ so the Estate are aware of their presences as they DO NOT want any uninvited guest on their land.
7. The holiday cottages are currently occupied by residents wanting to social distance, all anglers MUST maintain significant distance from these areas.
8. Access to the waters is by the front drive ONLY (North Newton end). The backdrive gates will remain locked so do not try to force them open.
9. There is a strict speed limit of 10mph whilst driving through the Estate.

It’s great news that TAA can now open its other waters, albeit with additional rules in place in order to ensure the safety of its member, bailiffs and landowners and their staff. All members MUST adhere to these rules otherwise failure to follow the requirements may jeopardise your membership and could result in the closure of club waters. We urge all our members to fish responsibly.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Tight Lines

TAA Committee.